Podcast operation and marketing

The Planning Desk Podcast

As an industry-leading solution in the financial planning SaaS market, NaviPlan was an established thought leader from both a strategic and technical perspective. To further extend its reach, Advicent created ‘The Planning Desk’ podcast to deliver industry news coverage and foster FinTech community connections.



Project responsibilities

  • Ideated and refined show topics through market trend research and industry news monitoring
  • Published podcast to leading platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts using Buzzsprout distribution platform
  • Generated supporting content and clips for use on web and social media
  • Organized and supported production of show including guest scheduling and communications

Tools and platforms

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Podcast hosting and distribution


Content management system

Adobe Photoshop

Image editing and optimization

Final Cut Pro

Video production and animation

Microsoft Office 365

Productivity and collaboration

Sprout Social

Social media publishing and analytics

Google Analytics

Analytics and KPI reporting

Project highlights

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