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QuickFlick iPhone Application

QuickFlick was an iPhone application created by a business partner and I to help users quickly find movies and TV shows. At the time of its initial ideation in 2015, streaming service catalogs were primarily organized only by genre, leading to a sub-optimal content discovery experience. Taking inspiration from a typical eCommerce shopping experience, QuickFlick’s premise was that the combination of multiple filters – genre, cast, year, and rating – would deliver more robust and enjoyable content recommendations.

The application launched in Spring 2016 and provided the foundational experience that led to dozens of freelance projects throughout our time in college, and my pursuit of a career in web and marketing.



Project responsibilities

  • Created and refined vision for application idea alongside business partner
  • Led discovery and negotiations with outsourced application development talent
  • Defined project requirements, scope, and timelines with outsourced developer
  • Led quality assurance of app in TestFlight, ensuring build met design and functionality requirements
  • Ran marketing efforts for application including website design, social media marketing, and visual asset creation

Tools and platforms

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iOS Application beta testing

Adobe Muse

Website design and development

Adobe Illustrator

Mockups and illustration

Adobe Photoshop

Image editing and optimization

Final Cut Pro

Video production and animation

Google Analytics

Analytics and KPI reporting

Google Workspace

Productivity and collaboration

Project highlights

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