Freelance website

Mrs. Barney's Country Creations

Channeling her passion for floral design, Amanda Barney proudly creates custom-designed artificial floral arrangements for weddings and other events. With business growing quickly, she was ready for a website to showcase her work and persuade prospective customers. Custom-built in Webflow, her website delivers on these goals with a design that reflects the level of detail and personality she puts into each floral package.



Project responsibilities

Tools and platforms


Website builder

  • Fully custom, from-scratch design
  • Responsive layout
  • Scroll- and time-based animation using native Webflow interactions
  • Client account set-up and site transfer

Adobe Creative Cloud

Mockup and asset creation

  • Custom mockups in Illustrator
  • Vector logo and iconography design in Illustrator
  • Image touch-ups and file optimization in Photoshop

Google Analytics

Analytics and reporting

  • Set-up of GA4 property and account access for client
  • Integration with Webflow via measurement ID

Google Workspace

Content coordination and file sharing

  • Copy creation and client collaboration via Google Docs
  • Image and file management via Google Drive
  • Photographer imagery approval tracking via Google Sheets


Website design and development

Adobe Illustrator

Mockups and illustration

Adobe Photoshop

Image editing and optimization

Google Workspace

Productivity and collaboration


Project management

Google Analytics

Analytics and KPI reporting

Project highlights

Custom, from-scratch design

With the excitement of a growing business, this project was an opportunity to formalize branding elements for Mrs. Barney’s Country Creations. The custom design was made completely from scratch, using existing one-off assets such as business cards and social media graphics to formalize colors, typography, iconography, and layout themes.

Engaging animation and effects via native Webflow interactions

Native Webflow interactions used throughout site to animate content to encourage user-engagement and exploration. Achieved effects through a variety of scroll-, hover-, and time-based animations depending on page and content types.

Inbound lead generation

Client’s CRM platform of choice – Honeybooks – was embedded on contact page for inbound lead capture. Each page of the website features an engaging footer linking to this contact page, along with social media platforms to further connect with the business.